Political Commentary: Why Gay Marriage Has Very Little To Do With Children’s Rights…

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old married lesbian couple THE SKY ISN’T FALLING!

Ok. So unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know by this time that the Supreme Court passed the gay marriage bill and for the past few days liberals all over the globe have been throwing a huge internet party, while conservatives have been grumbling under their breath and praying for the world to just end already.

With that being said, the crux of concern for children’s rights advocates is that “Gay marriage = child rights apocalypse”. Short story long, with the passing of the legislation, gay couples have the ability to forge the non-biological parent’s signature on their children’s birth certificates, if they are to seek reproductive technologies. They will also have a greater access to adopt children all over the country, and push to encoruage the notion that mothers and fathers are interchangeable and unimportant. But I’m only being generous in the wild assertions of claims…

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