It’s about time!!! It’s Dame Gillian Lynne now!!! My gayest post of all time (or at least of the past 24 hours).

by pinkagendist

Gillie and her Olivier award

“Gillian Lynne CBE, 87, has had the title of Dame Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (DBE) conferred upon her in the 2014 New Year’s Honours List for her services to Dance and Musical Theatre.”

Lord Lloyd-Webber said: “I am thrilled that the grand lady of British musical theatre has got the recognition she deserves. Gillie was already a legend when I was at school! Without Gillie my Cats would never have seen the stage. “

Sir Cameron Mackintosh said: “Gillian Lynne is both a living legend and an inspiration to everyone in the theatre for her passionate commitment to talent and her outstanding work ethic so I know I speak for all her friends and colleagues in both delighting at the news and congratulating her on the Damehood which her extraordinary career and achievements thoroughly deserve.”

Arlene Phillips CBE said: “I am thrilled that Gillian has received this honour. She is a creative icon in the dance and musical theatre world and no one deserves it more.”

Dame Monica Mason said: “For me, Gillie has always been one of the brightest stars in British Theatre and this honour is hugely deserved.”

I say: Gillie is a wonderfully kind and warm person with a huge heart and an open mind. She was one of the first people to be ‘accepting’ of my relationship with Mike, and that was when most of my friends and most of his friends were against the idea. Gillie is currently recovering from pneumonia in the south of France, and unfortunately it’s been raining non-stop there. Maybe she’ll take us up on our invitation and come down here where the sun always shines…

It’s Dame Gillian! Lynne Receives DBE In New Year’s Honours.

In other news… if you happen to be in or around Nottingham (UK, evidently), there’s going to be a production of My Judy Garland Life starting on the 31st of this month!!! I know this because the director is Kath Rogers, who happens to be my sister in law (via Mike’s brother). I got to see some previews of what they’re going to be doing and I can assure you it’s going to be great! The play is based on Susie Boyt’s memoirs. Susie is painter Lucien Freud’s daughter, hence Sigmund Freud was her great-grandfather. She tells the story of a lifelong obsession with Judy Garland, as the Guardian puts it: “Susie Boyt has adored Judy Garland since her first visit to the cinema, where she heard Dorothy singing ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. As a lonely and sensitive child, every word Garland sang spoke directly to her. She took the singer to heart, wanting to love her and somehow become her. Now an adult, ‘the imperative intimacy I feel with Judy Garland is similar to that which I feel for my mother and my children’. This is partly playful, partly deadly serious. Boyt truly believes in the moral dimension to her relationship with Judy Garland. It represents a belief in life and a belief in a better self, which can drag you out of the hellish bits of the everyday.”

If you’re gay you must see it. If you’re not gay, go see it too!



And now for personal news. Last night we finally went to dinner at La CabaƱa, invited by our Hamburg friends. Well worth the visit, the food was excellent! This afternoon we’re going to a children’s birthday party- of all places. I had imagined that one of the great advantages of being gay and childless was that I’d never have to attend such events. Obviously, I was wrong.

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