I freaked- but then I remembered I was also a freak, so I settled down

by pinkagendist

This blog went private yesterday after I examined the stats and noticed an unusual bump in the numbers when apparently someone went from post to post clicking on hundreds (literally) of photographs I’ve posted. It was all in one day, and one after the other. I had visions of Glenn Close’s Fatal Attraction character and quickly decided to hide EVERYTHING. After all, she’s blonde, and our security here in Sotogrande would let ANY blonde woman (driving a big car) through the gates.

Today I re-examined my decision. After all, I’ve done many obsessive things too. Sometimes I order ALL of an author’s books. Sometimes I research things for days on end. And in the past I may have called a (then) boyfriend 40 times in one day. In my defence, had he answered the first time, I wouldn’t have felt the need to keep calling- plus, I was 21 or so. Anyway, I’m calm again. My rational mind says don’t be silly, there’s nothing to worry about. People have their quirks, and that includes me.

In other news I had a lovely weekend. Tried an amazing soup, recipe to follow.

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