More bad mirror pictures. 90′s Versace. I’m not a food critic. So many awards!

by pinkagendist

We didn’t go to lunch yesterday because of the James Dean re-capture and I was exhausted by the evening, entirely not in the mood to cook- so I suggested we go out to eat. For almost a month now I’ve limited eating desserts to three (120 calories each) chocolate mousses per week maximum. I tried on my 90′s red Versace trousers and fitted shirt… they were tight, but they closed. The trouser button did look as if it was considering popping open and making a run for it, but I wore them anyway.

My goal is to (once again) have a 29″ waist and fit comfortably into the red trousers, so I’ll  start doing exercise again in the next couple of weeks. Anyway, we went to Teo’s, my absolute FAVOURITE tapas place in Spain. Tapas are the perfect food for people who are afraid of commitment. Instead of having a large main course, you choose lots of little things. We discovered Teo’s about eight years ago because Teresa, our then maid, had her son’s first communion party there. The food is amazing, the prices are excellent and Teo is charming.

The house wine is a Ribera del Duero called Hizan. In summer, it’s common in southern Spain to serve chilled red table wine. This one works particularly well cool.

Mike started with a cod and orange salad

I had the mini-hamburger with lobster mayonnaise. I dropped my camera and chipped the plate, Teo told me not to worry about it.

Mike had the filet mignon with foie-gras on toast, I had chipirones (baby squid) with ciboulette sauce

Then there were small fried fish with a garlic/parsley coating (can’t remember what fish it was)

This was amazing: date, almond paste, chicken breast & bacon, date sauce

Lamb chops with mint

Ox-tail meat-balls with a foie-gras sauce

I didn’t have dessert, but Mike had vanilla ice-cream, each ball is infused with different spices (cinnamon, clove etc…)

Our bill for this extravaganza was a measly 42 euros. That’s US$52 or UK£ 33- shockingly that includes the wine (not the tip.) The average tip around here is 10%, but we generally leave more.

Two lovely people presented me with blog awards this past week. The first was Meeka, she’s Austra-Hungarian, it’s like Austro-Hungarian, except from Australia instead of Austria. She likes her food and occasionally she’ll share a great recipe with us. Instead of following the instructions of her award, I’ll change things up and say thank you with an easy and wonderful Andalusian recipe.

Orange and onion salad: 2 sweet onions (sliced), 3 oranges (cut into wedges), a handful of parsley. Dressing: 2 tablespoons sherry vinegar, 3 olive oil, 1 teaspoon brown sugar (or to taste), salt + pepper. Serve chilled on a hot summer day as a starter. For extra interest add strips of smoked cod or mojama (cured tuna)

The second award came from Diary of a Mad Gay Man. He’s young, he’s creative and he’s come up with the best graphic for an award ever!

To him I give a recipe for Andalusian Gazpacho. Easy, healthy and wonderful. It’s a cold summer soup that requires no cooking.

100 grams of stale bread

800 grams of ripe red peeled and seeded tomatoes (don’t use the tinned stuff!). To peel with ease, pour boiling water into a bowl, then plunge tomatoes into hot water for a minute or 2 max.

1 small green bell pepper (or half a large one), seeded and cut into chunks

1 small cucumber (peeled and seeded)

2 garlic cloves (crushed)

1 dl. of extra-virgin olive oil

4 tablespoons sherry vinegar (We’re in the same region as Jerez, the birthplace of sherry, so it’s popular around here)

Put everything into a blender and blend until very smooth. If too thick add water to loosen the texture. Serve chilled in summer with the same raw vegetables you used to make it as garnish. If you want to make the flavours more interesting also have things like coriander and flavoured croutons. The traditional way of serving gazpacho looks like this:

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