Dharun Ravi Sentenced to 30 days. Tyler Clementi Case.

by pinkagendist

ABC News Feed

Victim impact statements were heart-wrenching. The prosecutor gave a very impressive speech on the fairness of the trial. She made a compelling case for incarceration and interesting comments on the importance of bias intimidation charges.

Ravi’s defence attorney played to classic homophobia. First he made light of the events and even ended up mentioning gay anal sex. Ravi’s father’s statement was insulting. He mentioned Ravi did not live in a homophobic household, but went on to twice mention “lobby groups” with an agenda. I presume he can only be referring to the Gay Agenda.

I take what happened very seriously and not as a prude. As most people who read this blog know, I once did porn. I knew what was happening, I knew I was being filmed, I know people can walk into shops all around the world and buy videos of me engaging in sexual acts; But the idea that a private moment of my life, an emotional moment could be exposed to the world without my consent is unimaginable. It’s a form of robbery, it’s a form of rape.

Last year I had 30 days of community service for having a 0.6 alcohol level whilst driving. Martha Stewart: 1 year and a half in jail for lying to investigators. Dharun Ravi gets 30 days and 3 years probation for invading one of the most private moments human beings have. Had he been the girl next door, I can’t help but think people (including the judge) would have very different attitude to the events. A pale, nerdy, gay boy isn’t someone everyone can relate to. If it was the judge’s daughter, he’d think differently.

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